In One Wind / Cry Fire

In One Wind / Cry Fire

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 7:00pm doors / 8:00pm show


"Blending and often juxtaposing elements of pretty much any genre out there, from Pop to Doo-Wop Jazz, from Americana to Math Rock, and using all sorts of instruments to do so, Brooklyn's In One Wind can be described as a big musical carousel. This is obviously a group of people belonging to the that category of musicians who are trying to find new musical paths within the pop realm, and these tracks succeed in being at once entertaining and interesting - something too often both pop and experimental music fail to achieve." - The Deli Magazine

Cry Fire is a group that doesn't preoccupy itself with fitting into a genre, or cultivating some kind of predefined image or look. They are a band whose focus is, and has always been, performing their music at a very high level.

The influences that combine to make-up this band are diverse. Ranging from the hard rock greats (Zep, Van Halen, Hendrix, early Clapton, etc), to blues legends (BB King, Freddie King, Buddy Guy, SRV), and jazz virtuosos (Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, John Coltrane, Miles, Herbie, etc). Couple that with a 90s childhood (Pearl Jam, STP, Soundgarden, etc), and a slight taste for prog (Rush, King Crimson) gives birth to the sounds you hear. Still, at the end of the day, we're all suckers for a good hook.

Cry Fire's new record Strangers, came together as sessions for a second record with their previous group, The Known World, fell apart. Bozek, Graff, and Minto hit the reset button, and tucked themselves away at Aardvark Productions for the early winter months of 2008. By the time spring rolled around, the band had emerged with a new name, and a full record of new material completed. While the album was being mixed and mastered by Bozek, the band began a period of rehearsals and small club shows to get their live sound, and line up, correct. The band now hits the road with a record it's proud to stand behind, and a live sound that more than backs up that quality.

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